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Who is the Faye in Write Faye Write?

Faye RivkinSitting on the porch of my Baltimore City row house, I think about the different places life has taken me, and the many adventures I’ve had as a result. I believe those journeys have helped make me the creative force I am today. (Well that, and my effervescent personality!)

The roles I’ve held — scientist, salesperson, human resources rep, technical writer, marketing writer, and since 2001, freelance writer extraordinaire, have taught me a lot about a variety of industries but also a lot about myself, who I am and what I can do. I think fast on my feet, and I know how to tell a great story, two things critical in your pursuit to attract and keep your customers.

Raised as a suburb chick outside Baltimore, I took the scenic route: Delaware (go University of Delaware Blue Hens!), New Jersey (exits 7a and 10) and southern California (San Diego rocks!). In 2005 I felt the pull to return to the east coast but continue to work for clients throughout the country.

Visit my Writing Services and Writing Samples pages for examples of how I can put my experiences to work for you. See my Recommendations page to hear from some of those I've worked for and with on marketing-related copy as well as on more technical writing projects.