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Write Faye Write delivers results

Here you’ll find references and recommendations from a number of clients and colleagues. Contact me if you would like additional information on specific projects.

“Faye is a great writer, very professional, and extremely organized. She gets along well with all sorts of people and is an active project team member. We’ve worked on a number of projects with Faye and one of her strengths is her ability to keep a project moving forward. In addition, our product is very technical and Faye was able to learn its aspects very quickly. She is a good communicator, both verbally and in writing, and a pleasure to work with.” — Steve D., Director of Marketing, Pneumatic Tube Systems Company

“Faye adds value to any project she works on. She’s helped us turn our complex messaging into something that’s understandable. No matter how many revisions and changes we made, Faye was right there with us, catching big and little things, and helping us produce the best products possible. And Faye is fun to work with — she brings a delightful sense of humor and a positive attitude to the projects — things I know I very much appreciate.”
— Sharen G., Project Manager/Consultant

“As a graphic designer, I have worked with Faye on many print and web projects over the past several years, and it has always been a pleasure. Faye is extremely creative, both as a writer and a problem solver, and she has handled a wide variety of topics and project sizes. She is especially good at listening to clients’ needs and then crafting their marketing materials into a strong, highly effective message. In addition, Faye’s incredible organizational skills keep her clients (and her designer) focused so they always meet their deadlines. I hope that we will be able to collaborate on another project again soon!”
— Brian G, web and print designer

“Faye was the first person to spearhead our communications efforts for IT. She worked hard to understand our organization, network with our extended team and create and edit dozens of stories and updates that were distributed to our division. She was a pleasure to work with and helped us significantly improve our communications with our associates.”
— Jim M., Chief Technology Officer, Financial Firm

“Faye has keen insight and awareness of audience, appropriate tone, and desired results. Using her well-tooled communications skills, she was able to create the best message in a timely fashion to achieve or exceed our goals.”
— Jim L., Print Production Manager, Financial Firm

“Faye is highly-skilled and has the ability to solicit the relevant information necessary to craft meaningful communications. Whether the topics were abstract or extremely technical, Faye was able to develop a compelling message that appealed to a variety of audiences. She is very organized; able to plan a project, create a timeline and delivered her work flawlessly as promised. As a communication consultant, as a collaborator and as a writer I highly recommend Faye.”
— Pam S., Training Manager, Financial Firm

“Faye worked with me to write a white paper on Customer Satisfaction Research. She worked with me on the concept, strove to fully understand the purpose, and developed the paper in such a way that the ideas were still mine, but the writing was much cleaner and more polished than it would have been otherwise. She was very professional and consistent, and helped to drive the project to completion. I would definitely work with Faye again!”
— Taj C., President, Consulting Company

“Faye is extremely creative, stays on task and is very reliable. She’s an excellent problem solver and works well with my clients and me.”
— Tony M., Art Director, Design Firm