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With a BS in Chemistry and MA in writing, I’m part of a small but mighty group—I understand technology and complexities and can translate it all into the clear, jargon-free content your clients need to understand, appreciate and use your products and services. I provide that content in formats ranging from simple how to guides to more extensive software and operations manuals, data sheets, case studies, and white papers.

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“We often send her (Faye) large reports (150-200 pages) that have been written by multiple people. Her job has been to make the reports appear that they have been written by one person, while not losing the scientific integrity of the work. She accomplished this with every task. Most impressive is that Faye is able to complete vast amounts of work on short notice. She is a valuable asset to the Center.”
Renee Wilson | Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health


ESET White Paper


FirstPoint Technical Product Brochure


InZero White Paper


Qualcomm Datasheet