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B2B, B2C and B2G copywriting and technical writing services

You need help turning your language into the words your customers and prospects need. Together, we’ll talk to your audience in the way they’ll understand.

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Need web copy?

Copywriting for the web is different from writing for print. On a web page, you only have a few seconds to grab and keep your readers’ attention, and you need short, natural sounding, engaging, search engine optimized (SEO) copy.

Need blogs or online articles?

As good as I am at writing shorter web site copy, I’m also expert at ghostwriting longer, highly engaging articles and blog posts. Your customers will hear your voice and your expertise, and you’ll gain additional credibility as a thought leader.

Need marketing content?

Print is still the best way to get your information in your customer’s hands. This means your marketing materials—brochures, postcards, trade show materials, newsletters, press releases, etc.—need to be persuasive and deliver the right message.

Need technical writing services?

With a BS in Chemistry and MA in writing, I’m part of a small but mighty group—I understand technology and complexities and can translate it all into the clear, jargon-free content your clients need to understand, appreciate and use your products and services. I provide that content in formats ranging from simple how-to guides to more extensive software and operations manuals, data sheets, case studies and white papers.

Services that cut across all of my work

Clients know they’ll get the work they need from me, at the level they require, because, in addition to my stellar writing and editing skills, I:

  • Ask the right questions. What I ask—before we start—determines critical project parameters, such as audience, message, direction, steps, milestones, etc.
  • Have a short learning curve. My varied background—a combination of technology, strategy and writing—gets me up to speed quickly, saving you time and money.
  • Communicate regularly with subject matter experts. My education, background and strong communication skills make it easy for people to talk to me.
  • Am an experienced project manager. With a certificate in project management and years spent managing the projects I work on, I quickly become a key team member, taking the lead when necessary to ensure a project is completed on time and on budget.
  • Pay attention to details. When we’re done, you’ll know your project is correct, complete and error free.

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