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Who’s the Faye in Write Faye Write?

I'm a Baltimore-based freelance copywriter and technical writer with a penchant for Zumba and yoga. Might sound like an odd combo, but it’s really not. I know when I need to energize my body and my mind and when I need to slow it down.

In college, I focused on research, elements and formulas, not words. The closest I got to reading and writing in those years was writing highly technical research papers, reading some thick chemistry textbooks and revising my roommate’s nursing school papers. I started writing fulltime in 2000, after realizing that although I liked working in the sciences, I wasn’t cut out for the lab. From there, I tried technical sales and support and human resources. My last human resources job involved writing, and almost immediately, I knew what I was meant to do.

All these years later, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m settled in my comfy, happy place, writing for clients all around the country and sharing my life with my rescue dog, George, and my home-renovating, furniture-building husband. Our home is a rowhome in a Baltimore City neighborhood just north of the slightly-more- famous ‘hood of Hampden, home to Hairspray and John Waters.

You should also know I'm big on follow through and a stickler for deadlines, I love quinoa and I strive to treat everyone fairly. To see how I can put all of my experiences to work for you, visit my Services and Portfolio pages. One more thing…most of what I write is ghost-written, so no one knows it’s me. If you want to read some pieces that have my name attached to them, check out my Published page.

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