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Who’s the Faye in Write Faye Write?

I'm a Baltimore-based freelance copywriter and technical writer addicted to reading historical fiction, working out in the basement with my Peloton and being outside as much as I can, to make up for working out in my basement.

I wasn’t always a writer. If you’d asked my younger self (and my mom) what I wanted to do as an adult, writing wasn’t on my What Does Faye Want to Be When She Grows Up list. As an 8-year-old, I wanted to be a librarian. (Wonder where I’d be today if I’d stuck with that??)

As an undergrad, I focused on research, elements and formulas. I was a chemistry major — the closest I got to reading and writing at the University of Delaware – Go Blue Hens! – was writing technical research papers, reading thick chemistry textbooks and rewriting a roommate’s nursing school papers. I started writing fulltime in 2000, after doing all sorts of sciency things and realizing that although I loved the sciences, I wasn’t cut out to be “in” them. I tried on a few other careers, including technical sales and support and finally human resources. When my last HR job included writing a manual, everything fell into place — I knew what I was meant for.

All these years later, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I went back to school at 40 to get my master’s in non-fiction writing from Johns Hopkins, and these days, I’m the one organizations rely on to turn highly complex language into messaging that’s right for their audience. I spend my days researching everything from hardware and software, science and medicine, to education, law and government, writing and editing web copy, press releases, blog posts, magazine articles, responses to RFPs and more. The more complex the topic, the happier I am.

I work from home, writing for clients around the country (and internationally on occasion), sharing my life and home with my rescue Shar Pei mutt, Peanut, and my home-renovating, furniture-building, soccer-loving husband Marcos. We’re in a Baltimore City rowhome, in a neighborhood just north of the slightly-more-famous ‘hood of Hampden, home to Honfest, the movie Hairspray, John Waters and our own Miracle on 34th Street.

To see how I can put my experiences and expertise to work for your organization, visit my Work page. BTW, I do a lot of ghost-writing, so for the most part, no one knows the words are mine. To read some pieces that have my name attached to them, check out my Published page.

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