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What’s the common denominator?

Marketing brochures.
Sales sheets.
Social media posts.
Manufacturing processes.
User manuals.
Training materials.
Website copy.
Email scripts...

Your words.

If your organization engages with customers, prospects, vendors, employees, etc., all your writers need a Content Style Guide. When everyone uses the same language, voice, and tone to talk about your company and all it offers, magical things happen.

Most importantly, you begin to stand out over your poorly communicating competitors. They flounder and keep getting it wrong, putting out error-filled, audience-deterring pieces, while you deliver the right message in the right way to your audience. (If you haven’t already, download my free explanation to see how a Content Style Guide can help do all that.)

Take your first step to content clarity, with my ready-to-use Content Style Guide, WriteStyle: The Essential Guide to Improving Business Content.

WriteStyle is the concise guide your employees will actually use

Spend just $47.99 for the 15 pages you need to begin improving your content, your engagement, and your bottom line, by providing quick and succinct direction, like:

  • Using the serial comma to separate three or more items in a sentence;
  • Remembering the difference between e.g. and i.e. and when to use each; and
  • Avoiding jargon, unless your audience will easily understand what you’re saying.

If you can find time to research your options, you may find a few books on the same subject. But most contain so much more than would be helpful to you right now that you could find yourself with a second job dissecting it all; some are well over 300 pages. And, from my experience, I can tell you that all that extra detail will keep your writers exactly where they are, and the book will remain hidden in a drawer.

This is where WriteStyle shines! You’ll get the direction for RIGHT NOW, in an easy to follow, immediately implementable format, saving you time and the headache of looking through a tome. Could they benefit from an all-encompassing large guide? Sure. But in the short term, brevity is key.

WriteStyle distills volumes of information to the principles that will help your employees start producing effective, outcome-generating copy. You’ll get them all onto the same page, using the same language, voice and tone and delivering consistent copy that engages.

(If you’re looking for more intense direction for your content, let’s talk about how I can develop a custom Content Style Guide specific to your organization.)

BTW... this isn’t a one copy, one user situation. Buy your copy and give it to everyone in your organization; there are no restrictions on downloads or copies.

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The top 3 reasons you need the WriteStyle Content Style Guide

Imagine what happens when your content resonates with your audience. When each of your writers gets WriteStyle: The Essential Guide to Improving Business Content, it doesn’t have to be a dream, as you:

1. Get more control over your content, regardless of the writer. With standards and structure for your brand voice and tone, your team has the tools to develop stronger content. When that happens, you’ll watch their stress levels decrease, as the red pen marks and Track Changes they normally see are replaced with “nice job.”

2. Spend less time, money, and resources editing. When your writers get it right the first time, there’s less for you to clean up. Plus, you’re not hearing from the boss when he finds grammar mistakes on the web site or the email that went to your top prospects.

3. See higher conversions and greater satisfaction from customers. When customers and prospects read content that seems written just for them, they’re more likely to do what you want, whether that’s buying what you’re selling, picking up the phone to call you, or using your product as intended right out of the box.

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What’s in the WriteStyle Content Style Guide?

This guide comes from all I’ve seen go wrong in my more than two decades helping businesses put the right words on paper, and all I’ve learned reading those unwieldy business writing books. It’s the simple summary of the language, voice, and tone details organizations should know and follow to better connect with audiences.

Take a look at the Table of Contents and see what you'll get to put your writers on track.


Chapter 1: About This Guide
Chapter 2: Know Your Audience - Before you Start Writing
Chapter 3: Writing Tips
Chapter 4: Voice, Tone & Diction
Chapter 5: Grammar & Style
Chapter 6: Punctuation
Chapter 7: Words to Remember
Appendix A: Tracking Your Voice, Tone & Diction

Imagine how powerful your business would be...

if you spent more time running it and less time worrying about the content on your:

  • Client emails,
  • Social media,
  • Website,
  • Brochures,
  • eBooks,
  • Newsletters,
  • White papers, etc.
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