Published Pieces

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Even though a lot of what I write is published without anyone knowing it’s me, there are a fair number of words out there that do have my name attached to them. Here are some examples. Have an idea for a book or an article?

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The Elm – University of Maryland, Baltimore

“Preparing Nurses to Shine”
“Renn Appointed Chair of Department of Pain and Translational Symptom Science at UMSON”

National Library of Medicine/National Center for Biotechnology Information

“Method for Benefit & Harm Assessment in Systematic Reviews (copyediting)”

JMore – Baltimore Jewish Living

“Family-owned Eddie’s of Roland Park Celebrates 75 years of Specialized Customer Service”
“Proving Her Metal”
“A Matter of Prevention”
“Her Mane Concern”
“Women Don’t Read Torah...Or Do They?”
“Get the Scoop! Baltimoreans can’t get enough of the Charmery.”
“Tapas in the City whets the appetites of curious diners and foodies.”

ThomasNet News

“Additive Manufacturing Technology and Smart Packaging: A Reality Check”
“Advances in Printed Electronics Driven by Sensor Technologies”
“Delivering Technology Projects On Time On Budget and On Value”
“How Can Businesses Better Manage Data?”
“Like it or Not, You Need a BYOD Policy”
“Soaring Growth Projected for Printed Electronics Market”
“Wearable Technology Create Efficiencies for Manufacturing”

The Wharton Healthcare Quarterly

“Hindsight is 20/20: Need Stronger Specs and You’re Only 50? Could Be Cataracts.”
“He Runs for Himself and for Men Like Him: The Untold Story of Male Breast Cancer”

Farm Credit Leader

“Is It Christmas Without Ornaments?”

Doctor of Dentistry

“Dr. Usa Bunnag - A Woman with a Heart as Big as Her Smile”

NDA Today

“Dr. John Williams - Former NFL Player Believes Everyone Is Entitled to Comprehensive Dental Care”

Answers I’ll Accept: True Accounts of Online Dating

“Five things no one told me about online dating”

Outside & In Literary Travel Magazine