Use a content style guide and make every word matter

What the $%^# is a content style guide? Download my free explanation.

A Content Style Guide holds the guidance that ensure your words, and how you use them, are as solid as what you’re offering. When all your writers use the same standards for your language, including words, phrases, voice, tone, diction, and even your messaging — and avoid what you don’t want them to use, like third person and the word “dude” — you’ll strengthen your relationships, boost your marketing, and improve your bottom line.

If you wake every night at 3 a.m. worried your writers are running amuck, let’s work together to create a Content Style Guide just for your organization. Or, in a hurry to turn things around? Order my condensed, ready-to-use Content Style Guide to put some structure around your copy. Either way, you’ll finally get some sleep.

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